Caleidoscope lamp

Caleidoscope is a lighting object in which different shapes will reflect on the inside till infinity.
As the principles and wonder of a kaleidoscope



Caleidoscope is a lighting object which can be used both pendent or as a table lamp.
It’s character lies in the contrast of simple construction, combined with the unexpected. At first glance the lamp’s façade appears non-intrusive and plain, while further inspection reveals an array of infinite patterns* and colour. The generated shapes and sense of infinity reflect the same principles and wonder of a kaleidoscope.


* Patterns can be custom-made


Size: 48 x 48 x 65 cm

Material: lasercut stainless steel, water based coating
Color: black
Weight: ±9,5 kg
Lightbulb: LED
Cable includes a steel wire, max 70 kg



Caleidoscope (large, black)

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