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Interior object

Window Dangling

Light installation for charity at the Amsterdam Light Festival


CODE is a sequence of 34 characters in light, the address of a bitcoin-wallet for cryptocurrencies on the new system called blockchain. And the walletcode actually works! 
It holds donations for charity, the specific purpose will be chosen when installed in a new context. 

To make a Bitcoin donation yourself simply scan the qr code at the top of this page.

On show during the Amsterdam Light Festival 18/19: 
Theme: 'The Medium is the Message' - Marshall McLuhan

Placed in front of a former bank-building, it symbolizes society’s experiments with this new technology that bypasses governments and financial institutions, and the trouble banks have in accepting it. The wallet-code is a new medium that brings the message of money, property and ownership, and it is already changing society. Written in the old medium of handwriting CODE links the present to the past, when money and proof of ownership where no more than a written piece of paper. 

During the Amsterdam Light Festival visitors donated on this walletcode - even from euro to bitcoin! - and CODE hold the donations for ‘Huis van de Tijd' that organises activities with people with dementia. To keep the money in this wallet for a year, we hope the value will rise. 

Use this link for more information about the Amsterdam Light Festival.
CODE for Amsterdam Light Festival

In collaboration with Bitonic, who made it possible the wallet accepts payments in Euro's. 
Thanks for all your efforts!! 

This art installation is for rent at LightArtCollection,

and was on show during IlluminoCity, London Wall (Barbican, London) 19/20


Material: LED + frame

Photography: Janus van der Eijnden

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