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Public Space, social community installation

Lang Leve Lakerlopen

DNA-wall 'Lang Leve Lakerlopen' in the Lakerlopen district in Eindhoven, is the social neighbourhood-project Frederike did in collaboration with Wijkwiskunde in commission of Woonbedrijf Eindhoven.

Together with the residents of the Lakerlopen neighbourhood we painted icons of all the house-types in the district on the wall. Typical words or short sentences from the residents which we collected, the DNA

of Lakerlopen, were cut out of steel. Everybody got his/ her own text home, to use as a very personal decoration: a 'house-jewel'.

The left-over parts are placed on the wall. The positive always fits in the negative, so the current residents will always stay connected to their district, even when they're moving to another place.


house-jewel: stainless steel


Pictures by Merlijn Michon

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