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Interior object

Window Dangling

Van Eesteren Museum, social installation

SuperWest mobile

For the exhibition SuperWest in the Van Eesteren museum Frederike was asked to develop work. The exhibition was about 20 years of urban renewal in Nieuw West, Amsterdam.
Many award-
winning buildings were on show as scale models. To complement the exhibition with her work, Frederike had to focus on 7 of these buildings. 


With a toolbox full of letters she asked neighbours to come up with words and sentences which they thought it represents the specific area or building they live, learn or work in. Using this as a conversation starter to talk further, brought her towards great input for the artistic work: a variety of sayings, expected ánd surprising words which were used in several mobiles.

The texts in the mobiles are made of materials that play with light. Reflections and coloured shadows dancing are dancing through the museum as the work catches some sunlight.

(on show until the 18th of December ‘22) 


The 7 buildings:


New West

Ru Paré

Stadstuin Overtoom


New York / Amsterdam


Material: steel, yarn, acrylate

Pictures by Dalal Elouariachi

Used words:

mengen zou mooi zijn


gewoon fijn samen


veel patio's 


een thuis maken

to learn 

droog vertoeven


het gevoel doorgeven

center oriented



i just live here

dubbele functie

ik bel hem vanavond even


deur staat open

na vieren geen zon

van hallo en groeten


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