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Mobile, interior object (bespoke)

Reflecting Mobile

The Reflecting Mobile is composed of different sizes Window Danglings to create balance, and is part of the Reflected Sequence series. This design is custom made for the space it is intended for, the size can vary from small (interior) to very large (public space).

The mobile consists of dynamic semi-transparent geometric figures that reflect light. 

These objects, made of acrylate with an iridescent foil, show how different colors appear at different angles, making the object look different every time. The different angles of light create a continuous play with color, light and reflections in the space.


The Reflecting Mobile moves softly, making the space experience different every time. 


Material: steel, brass, acrylate + foil, yarn
Dimension model of the picture: height 2,30m / width 2,40m

Material Specifications

Photography: Ilco Kemmere

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