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Material research

SOFT for Forbo

Soft is a material research where Frederike shows new possibilities made of a left-over material.


A new material from leftover-jute:

‘Jutepluis’ (fluffy jute) is a leftover derived from the backings of Linoleum and Bulletin Board, which are products of Forbo Flooring. Jutepluis is the only material that isn’t recycled in the production process. 
My challenge was to find new applications for this apparent useless material.
I started experimenting to discover its behaviour, trying to create ways to use it as an interior-product. While experimenting I tried to use as less additives as possible. 
When the material is compressed it transforms into a fabric-like substance that is solid and firm enough

to make 3d patterns. 

The result is a collection of semi-finished products that can be used as acoustic panels or as a soft covering for the interior.

This project was commissioned by Forbo Flooring.


Material: Jutepluis

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