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Lighting object, interior

Light Sculpture

This light sculpture is an architectural design, part of the Reflected Sequence series.

On top of a solid base, with a LED light inside, a sequence of sheet material is placed under a specific angle. These sheets will cause an iridescent effect and show how under different angles various colours occur. By using a straight line of light a geometric play will appear in the reflections.

As one’s point of view changes, the light and the sheets create an ongoing play with color and light, leading to a constantly changing appearance of the object.


Limited edition of 25 pieces - signed and numbered. 
(23 -25 not for sale).

Material: acrylate + foil, LED, casting plaster, walnut
Dimension: 50 x 30 x 30 cm (lxwxh)

Price: € 895,- (ex VAT/ ex works/ shipping)
Available in webshop

Clients living in France please contact: ToolsGalerie at


pictures by Monica Monté, Geray Mena and Frederike Top Design

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