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Cross Cultural Exchange, Nanjing China

Qinhuai Lantern project, an adventure with Master Gu

"DutChinese, an international cultural exchange project, intends to amalgamate creative Dutch designs with traditional Chinese handicrafts, literally realizing dialogue and cooperation between the two countries. Five Dutch designers and five Nanjing craftsmen have been invited to the project, and they are paired up to work with each other, learn from one another, experiment new techniques as well as create new products." - DutChinese

Frederike Top Design worked with Master Gu, a Quinhuai Lantern craftsman from Nanjing. They worked together to develop several products, for both the interior as for public space.

Thanks to the DutChinese Foundation.

To see one of the results: Lotus Leaf 


pictures by Yang Zhang / Frederike Top Design

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