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Lighting object, interior

Reflective Mobile

The Reflective Mobile is a dynamic light installation in which the light is reflected by semi-transparent geometrically shaped figures. These figures, made of acrylate with an iridescent foil, show how under different angles, various colors occur leading to a constantly changing appearance of the object.


The mobile reflects daylight so beautiful that no artificial lighting is needed, when the sun goes down, the LED takes over and shows a light-play with lines and reflections.


As one's point of view changes, the various angles of lines of light create an ongoing play with color and light. The mobile gently move, thus generating an ever-changing image.


The Reflective Mobile is a bespoke object, it can be made for specific spaces. 

Pictures 1, 2: Hotel lobby, Dutch Design Hotel Artemis (night & day)

Picture 3: Restaurant Frankie Eats, New Jersey


Material: acrylate + foil, LED 
Dimension: 50x60x180 cm (lxwxh)

Photography by Monica Monté, Frankie Eats and Frederike Top Design

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