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Logo design in a collaborative social context

Dancing Wheel

Dancing Wheel, or: ‘Draaidansers’ 


As part of a larger commission to design a special logo in various way and for multiple purposes, for the occasion of the end of the Dance Academy Utrecht, these ‘Draaidansers’ were created. 


Organized workshops with both teachers and students gave direction in important elements and values at the academy. The circle proved to be one of these important elements, giving it different symbolic values. 

All dance-students came up with a pose that was photographed. The silhouettes were placed in a 

circle, the spotlight, and realised in (recycled) acrylate. 


From each student there are personalised objects, which, if you give them a twist, show the most beautiful dances. 



Commisioned by de Utrechtse Dansacademie


Pictures students: Gido Leijtens

material: acryl

dimensions: 7cm

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