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Interior object

Window Dangling

Public Space, social light installation

Street Sentences

The Street Sentences project is an ongoing project, a social light art installation which can be installed in public space.

This installation consist of different sentences placed throughout the street, made out of interchangeable LED light letters. The sentences are formed by using the input of the people living and working in the area as a message to their neighbourhood and its visitors. To strengthen social coherence.
This unique design of individual switchable letters makes it possible to create a new message after a while, by swop the letters. 

There are Street Sentences above the Vespuccistraat in Amsterdam West, at the stations Bullewijk and Holendrecht (Spoorpark Zuid - both in Amsterdam Zuid Oost) and in the neighbourhood Lauwerecht in Utrecht. In all these projects it was important to make connections; between residents, local entrepreneurs and/ or even between different neighbourhoods.


Street Sentences won the OVL Inspiration Award 2018! 


Amsterdam West: Midwest, Stadsdeel Amsterdam West

Amsterdam Zuid Oost: Gershwin Bonevacia, HoBU, Gemeente Amsterdam, Placemakers, Greystar

Utrecht Lauwerecht: Spoken Art Community, Ondernemersfonds Utrecht

Material: LED, acrylate

Pictures by Tom Baas & Poike Stomps

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